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Scratch-Off World Map Poster

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Our scratch-off deluxe world map comes with copper foil printed on beautiful matte finish black paper. Our most detailed map, the Deluxe, also features fascinating infographics along the bottom, revealing a wealth of facts and information about the land and oceans, presented in an engaging and colorful manner.


  • Comes in a protective tubing
  • Size: 16.5in x 11.8in (42cm x 30cm ) SMALL
  • Size: 32.3in x 23.2in (82cm x 59cm) LARGE

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I want to scratch the foil off where I’ve been but I’m not sure how to?

Since we print our deluxe map on matte paper to make it more pleasing to the eyes, we recommend that you scratch off carefully. While coins are fine, you may also use erasers. 

I’ve scratched off somewhere I’ve never been by accident, what do I do?

Your best choice here would be booking a trip there, it would be wrong to lie.

I’m a framer and someone has asked me to mount one of your maps for them, what technique would you recommend?

We recommend using cold press techniques only, as heat will damage the map.